Imperial College London

Agile Storage offers comprehensive storage solutions tailored to everyone working or studying at Imperial College London. Our student storage solution ensures effortless collection and delivery of your belongings right to your doorstep. Seamlessly manage the entire process through our intuitive online platform, where you can effortlessly schedule collection and return times that suit you. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to access your account and modify the return date whenever you want.

The Queens Tower 
(c) 2023 Thomas Angus, Imperial College London
Imperial College London has been recognized as the tenth-ranked university globally in the Times Higher Supplement. As of 2023, the institution boasts an enrollment of approximately eighteen and a half thousand students, with a notable 61% comprising international students. This substantial international representation positions Imperial at an impressive seventh place among the "most international universities", with a diverse array of students from 140 countries enriching its campus community. The student body maintains a gender balance with a ratio of 40:60 female to male students. For those seeking an academic environment that seamlessly blends a cosmopolitan atmosphere with exceptional educational credentials, Imperial undoubtedly secures a prominent spot on their list of preferences.

Imperial College London focuses on science, engineering, business, and medicine. The main campus is at South Kensington and is a compact site nestled next door to the Science Museum, Natural History Museum, and the Victoria Albert Museum. Although it's compact there's plenty of green space too, including a beautiful landscaped square, with the famous Queen's Tower at one end. The Kensington area of London is a refined and elegant district that exudes a sense of sophistication and history while maintaining a modern and vibrant ambiance. The local ambiance is marked by a blend of affluent residents, academics, and cultural enthusiasts, creating a diverse and cosmopolitan community.

(c) 2023 Thomas Angus, Imperial College London
The nearest self-storage facilities to the Kensington campus (SW7 2BX) include Shurgard (approximately 1.3 miles by road) and SafeStore (approximately 1.5 miles by road). The use of these services can be difficult; Kensington falls within the London Congestion Charge zone and has stringent parking regulations that can complicate the transportation of belongings. Agile Storage's collection service effectively alleviates these challenges, presenting a seamless and hassle-free solution. With our doorstep collection approach, concerns about parking, hauling boxes on public transport, or navigating the streets burdened with suitcases become obsolete. Whether lacking easy access to a car, dealing with multiple unwieldy items, time constraints, or simply seeking convenience, Agile Storage stands ready to retrieve your items directly from your doorstep.

Agile Storage offers highly competitive pricing (remember the prices include collection and return of belongings as well as storage). There are sample prices available on the pricing page. We also have a quick quoting tool that makes it simple to check the exact cost for the storage of your possessions.

Last Updated 24th August 2023