Make Space For Yourself

The home collection storage solution

Why Choose Agile Storage for your storage?

We put you in control of your storage. No need to waste time and money with van hire, we'll come right to your door. Our simple to use online dashboard allow you to be totally flexible. Want your items back earlier? No problem! Want you items stored a little longer? No problem! Want your items delivered to a different location? No problem! With Agile storage it's your choice.


Quickly organise storage with our straight forward online booking process. No complex long term storage agreement we adapt to your needs.


Your items are collected and delivered to your door at a time that is convenient for you. You can start storage from as little as one item.


Our modern secure storage facilities ensure the safety of your processions. And with a team of dedicated caring staff you know they are always in safe hands.

How it Works

Safe storage of your belongings couldn't be easier.

1. You Book

Our simple on-line booking process allows you to organise storage of your belongings quickly and efficiently.

2. We Collect

We come to your door and collect your items at your convenience; no fuss, no hassle, no wasted time

3. We Store

You can relax in the knowledge that your things are safe in our secure storage facility.

4. We Deliver

Any time, any place, anywhere, we get you belongs back to you when you want them.


Our home collection storage services offer a convenient solution for individuals or businesses to store their items without leaving their home or office. The perfect solution for those who require extra space or are in the process of moving or renovating.

Fixed Term Storage

Just select your collection and return dates; job done. No need to do anything else your belongings arrive back at your door when you want them.

Open Return Storage

Not quite sure when you want your belongings returned? Leave the return date open, then use our online dashboard to simply set the return date when you're ready.

Long Term Storage

If you want to store your items for more than a couple of months, then contact us about our long term storage option to get the best possible deal.

About us

Independent Storage Provider

We are an independently run storage company based in West London. We provide a doorstep storage service, so your belongs are always collected and delivered to your front door. We're commit to providing an honest and simple quoting process so you can always be sure that you will only ever pay what you've been quoted. We do not pretend to have amazing deals, one off specials or unbelievable bargains that somehow evaporate once your items are in storage. We are not the biggest or the most well know storage company but what we offer is a commitment to delivering the best service on the market.

Agile storage was conceived during the pandemic in response to the inability to find the storage service that we wanted to use. Our requirements were simple; We wanted to be able to go online, get an immediate quote and book storage straight away. We didn't want a call-back from a pushy sales representative, quotes that arrived several hours later or special details that changed with the weather. Then we wanted out possessions collected and delivered reliable from our front door. And finally, we wanted to go online and update the return dates, storage times or organise partially shipments any time we wanted.

Agile Storage and launched in 2022 with the aim of delivering our view of a superior storage service. Not all the services we'd like to offer are currently available, but we are working every single day to extend the range of products we provide. We are always delighted to have feedback or comments from customers, so if you have any ideas or suggestions, please let us know

Technology Driven

Technology is the driving force to deliver the quality that Agile Storage believe should be available when choosing a storage solution. We aim to provide a simple to use technology that allows organising of possessions and immediate control over every item placed in storage. We are working tirelessly to harness new technologies to provide new ways of handling self-storage and making the journey reliable, convenient, and carefree for our customers.

If you're looking for a premium quality doorstep storage solution at a fair price, then look no further than Agile Storage. We can provide collection and drop off directly from the comfort of your own home and then hold your processions in our safe, secure, and affordable sites. We can help you from the smallest box to a whole household of possessions. And of course you only pay for what you store, not for a half empty unit.